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Nova West Steel Works x Brand Footage

Nova West Steel Works brings metal works and design together to curate exquisite projects for their clients in the residential and commercial sectors. The Nova West team maintains a client-centered model, upholding their clients’ best interests from start to finish.

This was a job they did for Sherlock Holmes Pubs and Restaurants in Sherwood Park AB. They made a stunning new patio for the location and we got to capture the finished product. So much work and skill went into this project and their team is brilliant. 10/10 , quality is the main feature of this patio.

Drone Footage x Cropland Solutions

Cropland is one of Alberta's leading regenerative agriculture firms. They focus on helping farmers build and optimize their farm through modern regenerative practices.

We shoot drone footage and brand content for Cropland. We also helped design their website and plan extensive marketing campaigns for Cropland. Quality media drives conversion metrics and we are glad to help Cropland Solutions achieve theirs in any way.

Mission Statement Video x CE Pest Control

CE Pest control helps Edmonton and its surrounding areas with various different services. From Bugs to Mice and Rodents, CE Pest control delivers excellent customer service. They are fairly new to Edmonton but have had great start to a long and prosperous business! 

We've done lots of work for CE Pest control but this was a mission statement video we did for them to show off the company identity. Warm loving and helpful are the main things we wanted to get across when we met with David and his team. They are amazing people and great business owners, SugarScreen highly recommends them for anyone needing this type of service in Alberta.

Excellent Painting x Before and After

Excellent Painting in Edmonton AB focuses on providing the most consistent premium painting service possible. Attention to detail is so important and we are proud to work with them to show off some of their fantastic work. This job took over 3 months to complete and the scale of it was massive. Rajan and his team made it look easy, another great example of an amazing business run by great people in Edmonton. SugarScreen is proud to work with this Company.

We shot some before and after content for them. We wanted to show the incredible difference and process of how luxury houses are built and the process it takes to Finnish it. 

Brand Awareness Content x My-Boost Web Services & FUZED Kitchen and Bar

My-Boost Web services works with brands and company's to increase their online reach. With a team of experts they an easy choice for Edmonton Business when choosing a firm to run various  things from SEO to Google Ads.

We got to work with My Boost and one of their clients FUZED restaurant bar and grill. They are a great place to have an amazing meal. The atmosphere is perfect and the décor is modern and well put together. We got to shoot some video and capture some photos for them. Thank you for choosing SugarScreen!

Modern House luxury Living room
Luxury Home Photo
Luxury Kitchen Real Estate Photography
Manik Bahl Real Estate - Photography

Manik Bahl is one of Edmonton's best Real Estate agents. He specializes in private sales and luxury homes. His work ethic is un paralleled and his customers adore him. 

Thank you for choosing us for your real estate photography!


We know that media can be expensive and the process can be difficult. For your first project with SugarScreen Media we always pro rate the project and give our clients half off. We are certain we can deliver a great experience and value to your companies media. This gives you peace of mind when working with us. We won't put out something your not happy with, and we have workflow systems in place so we can deliver a quality product every time.

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